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Cover Launch

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

My second wildwood book has a cover and a release date! Wildwood Magic is set to release in July 2023 and its perfect look was designed by Lisa Marie Pompilio and illustrated by Mike Heath. (Cover artists always have my undying gratitude for bringing a book to life.) It's been secret for awhile so I'm thrilled to finally be able to share.

From the author of Wildwood Whispers comes a spellbinding novel of magic and self-discovery when a woman escapes her abusive husband and finds shelter in a magical orchard.

Virginia, 1969.

Rachel Smith has found peace in the Appalachian Mountains. Sequestered in Morgan’s Gap, an idyllic small town, her days are spent simply tending its lush apple orchard. She studiously avoids thinking about her past. If her dreams are haunted by memories of her violent husband and longing for the child she was forced to hide, that pain is borne away by fresh mountain air and apples that taste as sweet as honey.

But Rachel wasn’t meant to live in the shadows. When she dares to venture beyond the orchard, she discovers a tight-knit community of wisewomen who honor the old mountain traditions—those who stitch and stir, brew and tinker—where she learns to feel safe. A world of magic unfolds for her, a world filled with new friendships and possibly a new love.

Yet, Rachel’s past is creeping in. She must learn to harness the strength of the wildwood—and herself—to protect her newfound future and community before its torn apart.

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